It was my cousin’s marriage and he invited all of his cool friends along with me for the bachelor’s party, means he was considering me in his besties and I was pretty glad by this gesture of him. All of his friend suspended the jobs and left their apartments and leads to the city of exotic beaches.

I found one of his friends very mysterious and amazing at the same time. He seemed like the cool and careless character of some bollywood movie. Apart from him the rest were serious kind of people. We reached the city of gold we went to the nearby beach and laid on the beach to share the drinks along with the music. The lyrics of the music were going with the situation.

That was the time when I get to know the guy a little better. He told me about these online casino slots he was playing all the way on our trip and I was wondering what the hell he is doing with his android device, so I insisted him to tell me more about the pokies. And he told me that currently playing the slot machine called the city of gold and he was playing that online with real money.

I found him like the gospel so I listened to him for some and then started to Google to know more about the game and how to play it. I also looked for the reviews of it along with the tutorial videos on youtube, after that I was feeling pretty confident about myself. So I make the free download of the app and started playing with the free spins. And guess I played pretty well being a beginner, considering the fact I thought of playing for the real money and to buy credits with the PayPal account. And my decision came out to be nicely done and I performed well with the real money as well and won some nice amount on my way back home.